Breaking Barriers, from Physics to Biology (II)

2019-09-12 10:29:45 3



In the 21st century, scientific research is becoming more and more oriented to the interdisciplinary area. New discoveries are often made at the boundaries of different disciplines. This is a new challenge, and opportunity for many physicists. For this purpose, we plan a conference “Breaking Barriers, from Physics to Biology (II)” to discuss the opportunities and problems. We also use this occasion to celebrate Prof. Albert Libchaber’s 80th birthday and his inspiring and productive career in science. This conference will be held in China on June 14-16, 2014, organized by Qi Ouyang and Chao Tang at Peking University and Jun Zhang at NYU Shanghai. It will be jointly supported by the Center for Quantitative Biology, Peking University and the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC).