The Origin of Life

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题目:The Origin of Life




Introduction: We often marvel at the ingenuity of life, but all the beauty comes from one of the most splendid scenes - the appearance of first life. This is the most gorgeous spectacle, but also the most difficult topic. We should thank physicists and chemists who work hard on this issue (such as Miller, who has done a great experiment at the risk of not being able to graduate), but I hope that this mystery will be uncovered by biologists eventually.


There is too much to say about this issue. Even if you ask someone on the road, he will give some opinions (if not too bizarre). However, it is worth noting that on this issue, the top scientists and ordinary people face the same dilemma. After seeing the wonders of life again and again, we should probably believe that everything is possible in life.


In ancient Greece, the source of Western civilization, a well-known rumor "know yourself" is engraved in the temple. We are life. Perhaps we should seriously consider how to get to know life today.



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