2018.03.26 Some recent results on growth and entrainment in biological systems

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    目:Some recent results on growth and entrainment in biological systems

报告人:Watson Research Center Prof. Yuhai Tu

IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Center for Quantitative Biology, Peking University



主持人:欧阳颀 教授

摘 要:

A central problem in systems biology is how living systems manage to carry out precise functions (development, replication, signaling, etc.) by using inherently noisy biochemical networks. What are the molecular mechanisms for control? What are the design principles for the underlying biochemical networks? What are the energy costs for regulation? In this talk, we will present some recent results to address these general questions in two separate biological systems: (1) the injection-diffusion mechanism of bacterial flagellum growth [1]; (2) the design principles for oscillatory biochemical networks to achieve both high entrainability and low phase fluctuations [2].  


[1] “Molecular mechanism of bacterium flagellum growth”, Thibaud T. Renault et. al., eLife 2017; 10.7554/eLife.23136.

[2] “Design principles for enhancing phase sensitivity and suppressing phase fluctuations simultaneously in biochemical oscillatory systems”, C. Fei, Y. Cao, O. Qi, and Yuhai Tu, Nature Communications, to appear, 2018.


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