2017.09.05 Computational Design and Functionalization of Porous Two-ring alpha-Helical Bundles

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题 目Computational Design and Functionalization of Porous Two-ring alpha-Helical Bundles


时 间201795(周二)14:00-15:00

地 点北京大学老化学楼东配楼101报告厅

主持人来鲁华 教授

摘 要:

In native biological systems, pore-forming proteins are key components in numerous functional processes that include ion gating, active transport, and enzymatic catalysis. Alpha-helical bundles represent the most promising structural motif for de novo design of protein nanopores. In this talk, I will describe the accurate design of porous alpha-helical protein oligomers that define central channels with internal diameters ranging from approximately 5 Å for a pentamer to 15 Å for an octamer. X-ray crystallography confirms that the structures agree with design models with atomic level accuracy. These designed helical bundle topologies expand the coiled coil structural database, especially the octamer which is the largest de novo designed coiled coil to date. In addition, efforts of functionalizing the pentamer as binding protein for all-trans retinal and its derivative, merocyanine retinal, is also described.



2013年毕业于Emory University化学系,获得博士学位;

2014年至今在华盛顿大学Prof. David Baker实验室从事博士后研究。


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