2016.06.20. The Power of Integration: Biophysics of Estrogen Receptor

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题 目: The Power of Integration: Biophysics of Estrogen Receptor

报告人: Sichun Yang, PhD

Center for Proteomics and Department of Nutrition

Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine

时 间:2016-6-20(周一),13:00-14:00

地 点:北京大学老化学楼东配楼一层101报告厅

主持人:刘峰 研究员


摘 要:

Accurate determination of multiprotein complexes such as estrogen receptor has been challenging for high-resolution structural techniques. Here, we present an integrative SAXS modeling platform—termed iSPOT—by integrating small-angle scattering, hydroxyl radical footprinting, and docking simulations. Specifically, we will show (1) the power of iSPOT via a set of theoretical investigations for accurate prediction of the target crystal structures of known systems, (2) a proof-of-principle demonstration of iSPOT on structure determination of a hexameric adenosyltranferase enzyme, and (3) a first iSPOT-revealed mediate-resolution structure of estrogen receptor, a key molecule in breast cancer biology. Going forward, we plan to expand this integrated iSPOT platform for broader characterization of many challenging multiprotein complexes for years to come. This work was supported by the NIH (R01GM114056 and P41GM103622) and the DoE (DE-AC02-06CH11357 and DE-AC02-98CH10886).




杨泗春, 2010年至今在美国Case Western Reserve University医学院任助理教授(生物物理),从事乳腺癌生物大分子的生物物理研究,创造性的联合使用同步辐射小角散射实验和大规模计算模拟等多种生物物理研究手段受到NIH和国防部的资助。2006年获得UCSD生物物理博士,之后在芝加哥大学从事生物物理的博士后研究 (2006-2010), 期间发表论文被Nature专文报导。