2015.9.8 3D Microtissues arrays Integrated with immunoassay chip for high throughput organotypic drug screening

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题目: 3D Microtissues arrays Integrated with immunoassay chip for high throughput organotypic drug screening and hepatotoxicity evaluation

报告人: Prof. Yanan Du

          Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Collaborative Innovation Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Disease, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 10084, China



主持人:汤超 教授


   3D microtissues on the scale of several hundred microns are promising cell culture configuration resembling the functional tissue units in vivo which is expected to upgrade in vitro cellular models from 2D to a more biomimetic 3D configuration to accelerate the pace of drug discovery. Here we present an off-the-shelf micro-scaffold array chip which enables high throughput 3D microtissue formation, drug administration and quantitative in situ assays entirely on the same chip. The sponge-like micro-scaffolds functioned both as absorbents to realize parallel auto-loading of cells or drugs and as barriers to prevent cell loss during medium exchange via centrifugation. Rapid manual loading of cell suspensions or drugs into the 96 isolated micro-scaffolds on the chip was achieved in the timescale of several seconds, meanwhile with total medium consumption reduced to the order of microliters. Proof of concept demonstration of drug cytotoxicity testing was performed on multiple cancer cells using common benchtop equipment, making it accessible to most biomedical labs with basic cell culture setups.

   Meanwhile, we developed a ready-to-use, easy to store and handle, versatile and multiplex-able 3D scaffold-based immunoassay chip (3D immunoChip) for high throughput protein quantification. The 3D immunoChip can save up to 100 times reagent and about 6 times labour, which realized direction of albumin (ALB) secreted by 3D hepatic microtissue array for high throughput drug hepatotoxicity evaluation.  The 3D immunoChip could detect albumin (ALB) from 5 ng mL(-1) to 1000 ng mL(-1), making it comparable to the commercialized ELISA kit based on a 96-well plate (0.22-400 ng mL(-1)).

    The 3D microtissue array integrated with immunoarray chip offer promising 3D cellular culture and detection configuration for high throughput organotypic drug testing with great potential to accelerate drug discovery


报告人简介Yanan Du, PhD is a principal investigator at Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University. Dr Du’s research focuses on developing Micro-engineered Cell-based Assays and Therapy Platform for drug screening, disease study and regenerative therapy. Dr. Du obtained his PhD in Bioengineering from National University of Singapore and received postdoctoral training from Harvard and MIT.