2015.3.4Targeting the "undruggable" intracellular oncogene for cancer immunotherapy

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题目: Targeting the "undruggable" intracellular oncogene for cancer   immunotherapy

报告人: 刘诚博士

美国Eureka Therapeutics公司的创立者和总裁





The vast majority of cellular proteins, including the most interesting and important molecules for regulating cell growth, are within the cancer cell, hidden from monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapeutics by the barriers of the plasma membrane.  We recently demonstrated in vivo the successful treatment of multiple human cancers by use of a human mAb to the intracellular oncogenic protein, WT1, long considered a “Un-Drugable” target (Dao et al, Science Transl. Med. 2013.).  The breakthrough technology for targeting the intracellular oncogene is the identification of antibodies that specifically recognize T cell epitopes within the context of MHC class I.  Crystal structure has been solved to determine the molecular interaction of the antibody with the WT-1 epitope at atomic level.  For cancer immunotherapy, patients’ own T cells are modified through genetic engineering with antibodies targeting intracellular oncogenes, which guide the immune cells to search and kill cancer cells in the body.  Targeting intracellular oncogenes provides the high-level specificity required for the T cell cancer immunotherapy and has the promise of achieving clinical efficacy against metastatic solid tumors. 


About Eureka Therapeutics, Inc:

Eureka Therapeutics is a privately-held biotechnology company headquartered in Emeryville, California, focused on developing first-in-class T cell-based immunotherapy for hematological malignancies and solid tumors.  Eureka completed a $21 MM fundraising round in 2014 to advance our two leading cancer drug programs into clinical trials. Our core technology platforms centers around the discovery and engineering of fully-human antibodies against intracellular oncogene targets via the MHCI complex.  In addition to our internal drug discovery programs, Eureka Therapeutics has ongoing partnerships with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Novartis for novel cancer drug discovery.  For more information about Eureka Therapeutics, please visit: www.eurekainc.com.