2014.5.19 Microfluidic- and photo- control of DNA higher-order structure for biological and nanotechnological applications

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   报告题目:Microfluidic- and photo- control of DNA higher-order structure forbiological and nanotechnological applications  
报告人: RUDIUK Sergii, Ph.D.

               CNRS researcher (CR2), UMR 8640PASTEUR









DNA is one of the most important biological molecules which storesand transmits from generation to generation all necessary information forexistence and reproduction of living cells and organisms. Specificphysico-chemical properties of DNA such as very high negative charge density andpresence of two strands are the origin of important biological functions, likecontrol of gene expression and DNA replication. In this talk I’ll describeseveral approaches to affect and to control the biological functions of DNA byacting at the level of physico-chemical DNA properties. First, a microfluidicapproach will be described, in which a positioning of a longitudinalmulticomponent microfluidic interface perpendicular to DNA enables the controlof intramolecular DNA unzipping with spatio-temporal resolution. Second approachwill consist in a photo-control of DNA higher-order structure via photosensitiveDNA compacting agents, and its applications for control with light of the geneexpression and enzymatic activity. Finally, the possibility of combiningspecific properties of DNA with properties of proteins due to the DNA-proteinconjugation will be described in the last part of thepresentation.