2014.3.5 Gunter Schumann, Ph.D.

2019-07-07 00:02:47 1

Reinforcement processing and its relevance for psychopathology: Neurobehavioural, genetic and epigenetic analysis in the IMAGEN study    

Gunter Schumann, Ph.D.


Professor and Chair of Biological Psychiatry

MRC-SGDP Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, London 






摘要: In the IMAGEN project we aim to identify the neurobiological basis of individual variability in reinforcement behaviour and determine their predictive value for the development of addictions and other psychiatric disorders. Comprehensive behavioural and neuropsychological characterization, functional and structural neuroimaging and genome-wide association analyses of 2000 14-year-old adolescents at baseline are coupled with longitudinal follow-up and combined with functional genetics in animal and human models.

Using a multivariate approach we identified brain activation patterns during reward anticipation in >1500 adolescents and assessed them for their neuropsychological and behavioural correlates. We found separate brain activation networks, which are associated with distinct reward related clinical conditions, including risky alcohol drinking and ADHD. Genome-wide association studies of brain activation patterns revealed genes, which were functionally characterized in a drosophila model.