Research Scientist & Lab Manager / Post-doctoral fellow – Carey lab at the Center for Quantitative Biology at Peking University

2019-08-16 21:03:46 9

We are looking for a self-motivated, enthusiastic research scientist with effective communication skills, attention to detail, organizational abilities and scientific curiosity who can manage a variety of tasks. The candidate will play a critical role in establishing a new research group at the CQB.



About the lab


Lucas Carey is currently an assistant professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, and will move to the Center for Quantitative Biology at PKU in September 2018.


Understanding the effects of mutations and how phenotypes are encoded in the genome are two of the primary goals of modern biology. The ability to make quantitative predictions as to the effects of complex genetic changes will enable breakthroughs in personalized medicine, designer organisms for agriculture and bioremediation, and many other applications. However, despite major advances in measuring genotypes and phenotypes, the consequences of most mutations still cannot be predicted.


To move towards quantitative mechanistic prediction in biology we combine mathematical modeling with high-throughput quantitative experiments to identify new mechanisms by which genetic and non-genetic heterogeneity in single cells affects the mapping from genotype to phenotype.  We use high-throughput time-lapse microscopy, flow-cytometry, single-cell RNA & DNA sequencing, machine learning and quantitative data-driven mathematical models to understand and predict the fates of single cells and of organisms.


Necessary qualifications


1. Excellent written and spoken English and Chinese

2. A PhD in molecular biology or a related computational and/or experimental field

3. Experience managing people


Optional qualifications


1. Yeast genetics

2.  Making plasmids, Chromatin IP, real-time PCR, protein purification

3. Flow-cytometry analysis and sorting

4. Computer programming (any language)




1. Help the PI with translation between Chinese and English.

2. Help the PI with day-to-day activities within the lab, such as making sure adequate supplies are available for routine experimental procedures, insuring operation of essential equipment, etc.

3. Develop laboratory guidelines, maintain procedures manuals and/or evaluate new equipment.

4. The candidate can carry out his/her own independent research project and evaluate new techniques and technologies.




200,000 - 300,000 RMB per year depending on qualifications, with a labor contract. For applicants interested in the position as a postdoc, salaries, and benefits such as children's schooling and healthcare, as as per standard Peking University postdoc benefits.



Please send a CV and contact information for 2-3 references to