Center for Quantitative Biology at the Peking University has successfully held “Interdisciplinary Studies Summer Camp 2016-- Quantitative Biology”.

2019-08-16 21:03:57 3


    Opening with a warm welcome remark by Prof. Chao TANG, Director of the CQB, the 3-day summer camp was packed with informative programs and exciting functions. Participants were fully exposed to the friendly academic environment and were able to experience some of the cutting edge projects which were undertaken by the CQB. Most importantly, the camp provided a rare opportunity for the participants to directly talk with some of the best scientists and researchers in their respective research areas.


    Concluded on July 6th, the Interdisciplinary Studies Summer Camp is an annual event aimed to attract top science students nationwide. Through “Interdisciplinary Studies Summer Camp 2016-- Quantitative Biology”, the CQB selected 23 graduate candidates from over 100 participants.