Major Project Mid-term Evaluation Meeting Held in the Peking University

2019-08-16 21:05:28 0

        July 25th, the mid-term evaluation meeting on the National Key Science Projects Program, Systems Biology Study on Protein Regulatory Networks, was held in Peking University. The project led by Prof. Chao Tang aims at uncovering the underlying design principles for bionetworks, discovering the quantitative rules in the relationship of topology, dynamics and function of bionetworks, providing basic theories and research tools for intervening complex diseases and network-based drug design.


        At the meeting, the lead scientists of the project briefed upon the mid-term report. The panel of experts made a comprehensive assessment of the progress, current status and prospect of the project, all agreed the work done by Prof. Tang and his team so far has been a success. The panel also gave the project researchers constructive suggestions on what they should do in the next stage of their research work.