2014 International Young Scholars Systems and Synthetic Biology symposium

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The first International Young Scholars Systems and Synthetic Biology symposium will be held from June 23rd to June 25th, 2014, at the Center for Quantitative Biology (CQB), Peking University, Beijing, China. 



In the postgenomic era, enormous amount of accumulating biological data requires us to rethink about biology in a more quantitative and systematic manner. Systems biology and the newly emerging synthetic biology have been fast growing into a promising approach to understand fundamental biological questions, towards ultimately uncovering the underline design principles of complex biology system. 



The Center for Quantitative Biology (CQB, formally Center for Theoretical Biology) was established on September 17, 2001, as a result of the collective efforts of interested faculty members and the visionary support from Prof. TD Lee and PKU leadership. CQB’s mission is to promote research, education, international exchange and collaboration at the interface of physical and biological sciences and to become an international center for the emerging interdisciplinary field of Systems and Synthetic Biology.




This symposium offers a great opportunity to bring the outstanding worldwide young scholars together in this active field. We sincerely welcome senior graduate students, postdocs, and young faculties to join in us. By such a chance, we hope to construct a bridge for young people who are interested in research opportunities in China, esp. in the Center for Quantitative Biology (CQB) at PKU. We are also promoting such event to be a long term international stage for young systems and synthetic biologists. 


For more informationhttp://cqb.pku.edu.cn/meeting2014/