The 1st Administration of Center for Quantitative Biology2012-2016


Director: Chao Tang

Vice Directors: Luhua Lai, Qi Ouyang




Prof. C. Tang undertakes routine work and development of CQB, and is in charge of PI recruitments.

Prof. L. Lai is in charge of system construction, organization of research projects and administrative affairs.

Prof. Q. Ouyang is responsible for the training of graduate students, academic communication and construction of public platforms.


Committee of Academic of Center for Quantitative Biology2012-2016


Director: Michael Zhang

Vice Director: Chao Tang


Members: Heping Cheng, Luhua Lai, Hao Li, Qi Ouyang, Yi Rao, YuHai Tu, Yuxin Yin



Development of subjects and research groups and evaluation of members in CQB


Committee of Teaching and Academic Degrees of Center for Quantitative Biology2012-2016


Director: Qi ouyang

Members: Tingfang Li, Jianfeng Pei, Hongli Wang, Huaiqiu Zhu



 Graduate students’ enrollment, course of training (the teaching plan, curriculum plan, rotation, scholarships, thesis defenses, and diploma evaluation), service and management for teachers, and development of degree authorization.


Committee of Recruitment of Center for Quantitative Biology2012-2016


Director: Chao Tang

Members:  Luhai Lai, Hao Li, Qi Ouyang, Yuhai Tu, Ping Wei



Recruitment of principal investigators including both internal and external selection


Committee of International Communication of Center for Quantitative Biology2012-2016


Director:  Yuhai Xu

Members: Yong Chen, Hao Li



Promotion of international communication, invitation of well-known scholars in visiting CQB and organization of international conferences


Committee of Academic Exchanges of Center for Quantitative Biology2012-2016


Director: Fangting Li

Members: Shunong Bai, Jianguo Chen, Minghua Deng, Zhirong Liu, Qi Ouyang, Letian Tao



Invitation of the scientists who work on the quantitative biology field to visit CQB, including collaboration, seminars and discussion with the students and PIs of CQB. The invited speakers are expected to contribute significantly to the field of their research. The seminars that are part of the graduate program are usually held at 1:00 pm on Monday.


Committee of Instrument Management of Peking University


Director: Chunxiong Luo

Members: Luhua Lai, Hao Li, Fangting Li, Jianfeng Pei



Planning, purchase and management of public instruments.


Committee of Welfare Benefits of Center for Quantitative Biology


Director: Ying Liu

Members: Minghua Deng, Chunxiong Luo, Letian Tao, Zejia Zhang



Planning of physical culture and sport activities and arrangement of welfare benefits


Committee of Publicity of Center for Quantitative Biology


Director: Ping Wei

Members: Donggen Luo, Chunxiong Luo, Xiaojing Yang, Jingfang Chen



Construction and design for website and organization of publicity materials of CQB