Microfluidic Platform-Prof Chunxiong Luo


Platform Introduction


The microfluidic chip, also known as "lab-on-a-chip", is a new integrated component fabricated by microelectronics technology, which can accurately operate the fluid (including liquid and gas) in mixing, separation, biochemistry reaction, microanalysis, etc.. It has been widely used not only in cell researchgene engineering, drug screening, pathological diagnosis and environmental analysis, but also in analytical chemistry, chemical synthesis, optical integration, micro/nano sensor and other fields. The microfluidics is an interdisciplinary field of physics, chemistry, biology, microelectronics, optoelectronics and so on.


The microfluidic platform of the Center for Quantitative Biology was built at 2012 by Prof Chunxiong Luo. At present, class 1000 micro/nano clean room for micro/nano fabrication and microfluidics lab have been established at the fourth floor in Integrated Science Research Center, Peking University. Now, we realize micro/nano fabrication and microfluidic system assemblage in the new platform. We are engaged in the researches of microfabrication, microfluidic system, programmable microenvironment control, high-throughputsingle-cell dynamics analysis, high-throughput cell sorting, etc, and try to build up a whole system for quantitative biology experiments.


Our interesting is mainly focused on the cell responses to different microenvironment, including bacterial chemotaxis, resistance, collaboration of bacterial population, cell cycle control, stress response, cell migration, etc..


Facilities: class 1000 cleanroom, laser direct writing system, spin coater, lithography, plasma cleaner, bench top scanning electron microscope (SEM), surface profiler, microscope, programmable pump, programmable injection pump, etc..


Related microfluidic technology: microfluidic systems of different purposes developed for yeastE.coli and animal cells, standardized chips, etc..



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Microfluidic devices fabrication


The platform has established partnership with various institutions including some institutions in Peking University, related laboratories in Chinese Academy of SciencesEcole Normale Superieure de Paris, Kyoto University. Welcome to contact us to develop microfluidic system (design, application, etc.) and jointly apply for national research, international cooperation projects.