Jianguo CHEN

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Jianguo CHEN



Professor, College of Life Sciences; Member, Center for Quantitative Biology; 

Deputy Director, The Key Laboratory of Cell Proliferation and Differentiation of Ministry of Education




Research  Interests:


Cell migration and tumor metastasis; Centrosome and mitotic spindle assembly;  Morphogenesis of Neuron


1978-1981 College of Suzhou Seriscience

1982-1985 Zhejiang Agriculture University, M.S.;

1989-1994 College of Life Sciences, Peking University, Ph.D.

1991-1994 Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo as exchange student.


Professional Work Experiences:

1985 – 1989 Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Center of Biotechnology, Zhejiang Agriculture University;

1996 – 1999 Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo;

1999 – 2000 Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Biology, Hong kong University of Science and 

1994 – present Associate Professor and Professor, College of Life Sciences, Peking University; 


Selected Publications:



  1. Yingying Liu, Kaosheng Lv, Jianguo Chen and Junlin Teng. 2012. Pacsin1, a tau-interacting protein, regulates axonal elongation and branching by facilitating microtubule instability.  J Biol. Chem. In print.

  2. Qixi Wu, Runsheng He, Haining Zhou, Albert CH Yu, Bo Zhang, Junlin Teng and Jianguo Chen. 2012. Cep57, a NEDD1-binding pericentriolar material component, is essential for spindle pole integrity. Cell Res. 229):1390-1401.

  3. Qiao Wang, Birong Shen, Pengli Zheng, Hui Feng, Liang Chen, Jing Zhang, Chuan-Xi Zhang, Guozheng Zhang, Junlin Teng and Jianguo Chen. 2010. Silkworm coatomers and their role in tube expansion of posterior silkgland. PLoS One. 510):e13252.

  4.  Qiao Wang, Junlin Teng, Birong Shen, Wei Zhang, Yige Guo, Xiaolei SuChuanxi Zhang, Albert CH Yu, Jianguo Chen. 2010. Characterization of Kinesin-like Proteins in Silkworm Posterior Silkgland Cells. Cell Res. 20: 713-727.

  5. Huihui Li, Yan Guo, Junlin Teng, Mingxiao Ding, Albert Cheung Hoi Yu and Jianguo Chen. 2006. 14-3-3_ affects dynamics and integrity of glial filaments by binding to phosphorylated GFAP. J of Cell Science. 119: 4452-4461.


Professional Recognitions:

1995  Outstanding Youth Chinese Scientist Award from the prime minister of China;

2005  National Teaching Achievement Prize from the Minister of Education of China