Minghua DENG

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Minghua DENG


Professor of School of Mathematical Sciences in PKU;

Member of the Center for Quantitative Biology, PKU.




1991 -1994, B.S. School of Mathematical SciencesPKU;
1994-1998, PH.D. School of Mathematical Sciences



Research interests:


(1) Preprocessing of gene chip data; 
(2) whole-genome cis-module finding;
(3) Analysis of the complex gene network with microRNA; 
(4) Reconstruction of gene regulatory network from high-throughput data.


Academic  Work 


2003 -2009Associate Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, PKU;
2004 -2004, research associate, University of Southern California;
2009- Present, Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences
2009 -2010, Research Professor, Yale University.


Selected publications:


1. Deng MH, Mehta S, Sun FZ, & Chen T (2002) Inferring domain-domain interactions from protein-protein interactions. Genome Res. 12(10):1540-1548.

2. Deng,M.,Zhang,K.,Mehta,S., Chen, T.,Sun, F. Prediction of protein function using protein-protein interaction data. Journal of Computational Biology 2003 10(6):. 947-960.

3. Deng M., Tu Z., Chen T. and Sun F. Mapping Gene Ontology to proteins based on protein-protein interaction data. Bioinformatics 20:895-902, 2004.

4. Deng, M., Chen, T. and Sun F. An integrative analysis of protein function prediction. Journal of Computational Biology 11: 463-475, 2004.

5. Zheng, H., Hang, X., Zhu, J., Qian, M., Qu, W., Zhang, C. and Deng, M. REMAS: a new regression model to identify alternative splicing events from exon array data. BMC Bioinformatics Suppl 1, S28., 2009.