Yuhai TU

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Yuhai TU



Visiting Professor, Peking University;

IBM research, TJ Watson Research Center.





B.S., Physics, University of Science and Technology of China, 1987
M.S., Physics, University of California, San Diego, 1988
Ph. D., Physics, University of California, San Diego, 1991



Research interests:


Biophysics; Statistical Physics; Dynamical Systems; Pattern Formation; 
Growth Phenomena in Material Science


Academic  Work 


California Institute of Technology, Division Prize Research Fellow, 1991-1994
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Research Staff Member, Physical Sciences Department, 1994-present


Selected publications:


1. “Dynamics of the bacterial flagellar motor with multiple stators”, G. Meacci and Yuhai Tu, PNAS, 106(10), 3746-3751 (2009). 

2. “Modeling the chemotactic response of E. coli to time-varying stimuli”, Y. Tu, T. S. Shimizu and H. Berg, PNAS, 105(39), 14855-14860 (2008).

3. “The nonequilibrium mechanism for a biological switch: Sensing by Maxwell’s demons”, Y. Tu, PNAS, 105(33), 11737-11741 (2008).

4. “Effects of adaptation in maintaining high sensitivity over a wide range of backgrounds for E. coli chemotaxis”, B. Mello and Y. Tu, Biophysical Journals, 92(4), 2329-2337 (2007).

5. “How white noise generates power-law switching in bacterial motors”, Y. Tu and G. Grinstein, PRL, 94, 208101(2005) 


Other Activities:

Colloquiums and seminars at many universities and research centers, including Caltech, Yale, Columbia, ITP, University of Cicago, SUNY(Stony Brook), Los Alamos National Labs, McGill University etc. in different departments, such as Physics, Applied Math, BioMedical Engineering and Genomics departments.
Workshops in related fields, including those at the Aspen Center for Physics, ITP Santa Barbara, and Los Alamos National Labs/Santa Fe.
Organized symposium and chaired sessions for major conferences, such as APS March meeting and SIAM conference. I have also organized a series of summer schools for graduate students in China.
Referee for leading Journals in Physics: Physical Review and Physical Review Letters.