Fangting LI

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Fangting LI


Associate Professor of College of Physics

Member of Center for Theoretical Biology, Peking University





1988, B.Sc., Department of Physics, Nankai University, China
2000, Ph.D., Department of Physics, Beijing Normal University, China



Research interests:


Dynamical properties of biological regulatory networks 
The cell cycle process of both budding and fission yeast 
The genetic interaction maps of yeast cell cycle


Academic  Work 


2001 ~2006, Postdoctoral Scholar in Center for Theoretical Biology, Peking University
2007 ~ present , Associate Professor of College of Physics, Peking University
2008 ~2009, visiting scholar in Chao Tang’s lab and Nevan Krogan’s lab at UCSF, USA



Selected publications:


1. Fangting Li, Ning Tan (2006) Genetic and logic networks with signal-inhibitor-activator structure are dynamical robust. Progress in Natural Science. 16:1329-1336.

2. Fangting Li, Xun Jia (2006) Dynamical Analysis of Protein Regulatory Network in Budding Yeast Nucleus. Chinese Physics Letters. 23:2307-2310.

3. Y. Zhang, M. Qian, Q. Ouyang, M. Deng, F. Li & C. Tang (2006) A stochastic model of the yeast cell cycle network. Physica D, 219: 35-39. 

4. Fangting Li, Ying Lu, Tao Long, Qi Ouyang & Chao Tang (2006) Dynamical properties of cell-cycle and life-cycle networks in budding yeast. In: Network: from biology to theory, edited by J. Feng, J. Jost and M. Zhang. Springer-Verlag. Page 221-230. 

5. Fangting Li, Tao Long, Ying Lu, Qi Ouyang & Chao Tang (2004) The yeast cell-cycle network is robustly designed. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101:4781-4786.