Yihan LIN

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Yihan LIN

E-mail: yihan.lin_at_pku.edu.cn
Office: Rm. 229, Lui Che Woo Building

Principal Investigator/

Assistant Professor

Center of Quantitative Biology

Peking-Tsinghua Center for Life Sciences

Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies

Peking University



B.S., University of Science and Technology of China, 2005; 

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry/Biophysics, University of Chicago, 2011.


Research interests:

Our lab focuses on dissecting the regulatory mechanisms underlying cell state heterogeneity and cell fate control in disease-relevant cell types, including stem cells, immune cells, and cancer cells. By combining new quantitative single-cell tools with systems and synthetic biology approaches, we are investigating key determining factors for cell state heterogeneity and cell fate control. By doing so, we aim to achieve a deeper understanding of key biological processes including development, immunity and disease at the single-cell level. Ultimately, these efforts will allow us to design new therapeutics using drug combinations or synthetic gene circuits.

Academic experiences:

2011.9-2016.12 Postdoctoral Scholar, Caltech (with Prof. Michael Elowitz)

2017.1-present: Principal Investigator/Assistant Professor, Peking University

Selected publications:


1.     Jianhan Zhang#, Xu Han#, Yihan Lin*, Dissecting the regulation and function of ATP at the single-cell level, PLOS Biology 2018, 16(12): e3000095 (*corresponding author)

2.     Rosa Martinez-Corral, Elba Raimundez, Yihan Lin, Michael B. Elowitz, Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo*, Self-amplifying pulsatile protein dynamics without positive feedback, Cell Systems 2018, 7(4): 453-462

3.    Jin Park, Marta Dies, Yihan Lin, Sahand Hormoz, …, Michael B. Elowitz*, Molecular time sharing through dynamic pulsing in single cells, Cell Systems 2018, 6(2): 216-229




Prior to PKU:

4.    Yihan Lin, Chang Ho Sohn, Chiraj K. Dalal, Long Cai & Michael B. Elowitz*. Combinatorial gene regulation by modulation of relative pulse timing, Nature 2015, 527(7576):54-58

5.    Joseph H. Levine#, Yihan Lin#, & Michael B. Elowitz*. Functional roles of pulsing in genetic circuits. Science, 342(6163): 1193-1200, 2013 (# co-first author)

6.    Yihan Lin and Michael B. Elowitz*, Central dogma goes digital, Molecular Cell, 61: 791-792, 2016.

7.     Yihan Lin, Ying Li, Sean Crosson, Aaron R. Dinner* & Norbert F. Scherer*, Phase resetting reveals network dynamics underlying a bacterial cell cycle, PLOS Computational Biology, 8(11): e1002778, 2012.



8.    Yihan Lin, Sean Crosson* & Norbert F. Scherer*, Single-gene tuning of Caulobacter cell cycle period and noise, swarming motility, and surface adhesion, Molecular Systems Biology, 6: 445, 2010.