2013 CQB Annual Symposium

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2013 CQB Annual Symposium(2013.7.16-20)


    2013 CQB Annual Symposium was held from July 16th to 20th 2013, in suburbs of Beijing. In order to promote the communication and cooperation among the research groups, the main content of this symposium included 1 work report of CQB, 4 invited lecuter which were given by Prof. Yanyi Huang(Biodynamic Optical Imaging Center, Peking University), Prof.Fan Bai(Biodynamic Optical Imaging Center, Peking University), Prof.Ping Wei (Center for Quantitative Biology) and Prof. Donggen Luo (Center for Quantitative Biology) and 40 presentations of post-doctors and graduate students. More than 180 scientists attended this symposium. 



Prof.Luhua Lai hosted

the symposium.

Prof.Chao Tang's work report

Prof. Ping Wei's lecture



Prof. Yanyi Huang's lecture

Prof.Fan Bai's lecture

Prof.Donggen Luo's lecture


2013 CQB annual symposium

Poster Session

 Poster Session


Award for posters:






First Prize

Ziwei Dai

Luhua Lai

Second Prize

Kai Song

Minghua Deng

Dongqing Li

Luhua Lai

 Third Prize

Xiaomin Ma

Luhua Lai

Hua Meng

Luhua Lai

Zhiyuan Li

Chao Tang

Ning Yin

Luhua Lai