2010 CQB Annual Symposium

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2010 CQB Annual Symposium(2010.7.19-21)

     The main content of symposium in this year included a work report of CQB, 5 academic reports which show the developments and work plan of their research field and 37 presentations of postdoctors and graduate students.

Prof.Luhua Lai's CQB work repot
Prof.Hao Li's lecture
Prof.Chunxiong Luo's lecture
Prof.Yiqin Gao's lecture
Prof.Yuhai Xu's lecture
Qixi Wu's oral presentation
2010 CQB Annual Symposium
Prof.Chao Tang's lecture
2010 CQB Annual Symposium


Award for Posters:



First Prize
Guangwei Si
Prof. Qi Ouyang and Prof. Yuhai Tu
Second Prize
Guifu Wang
Prof.Minghua Deng
Qixi Wu
Prof. JianGuo Chen
Third Prize
Ning Yen
Prof. Luhua Lai and Prof. Jianfeng Pei
Yaxia Yuan
Prof. Luhua Lai
Yuan Tian
Prof.Qi Ouyang
Hong Kang
Prof.Huaqiu Zhu




Ning Li hosted the award for posters.
Award for the Third Prize
Award for the Second Prize