Microfluidics and Quantitative Biology(2013.10.16-10.19)

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Microfluidics and Quantitative Biology


Biology research is entering a new era in which quantitative measurements play an increasingly important role in understanding and predicting biological behaviors.   Microfluidics provides the exciting opportunity to study cellular behaviors at both single- and multi-cellular levels quantitatively. It has the unique capability in providing accurate stimuli to the cells in both space and time with biomimetic physiological conditions to reveal the dynamics of the underlying signaling pathway. In addition, microfluidic devices can be parallelized for high-throughput, high fidelity experimentation to unravel complex biochemical networks controlling biological behaviors. In this workshop, we will bring experts in this promising new field to discuss their work on development of state-of-the-art microfluidic techniques and the applications of these techniques in solving various biological problems, such as cellular motility, cell cycle, ageing, cellular reprogramming, and cancer. We will also address issues such as the potential new directions for microfluidics approaches in quantitative biology and fundamental bottlen ecks (challenges) in microfluidic technology.