Forum on Biological Networks (2004.6.21-25)

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 Forum on Biological Networks


Monday, June 21

Chair: Chao TangBreak

16:00-16:50 Leihan Tang(Hong Kong Baptist University)

08:30-09:40 Gary Stormo(Washington University Medical School)

Experimental and Computational Methods for Studying Gene Regulation

09:40-10:30 Gene Bryant (Sloan-Kettering)

The dynamics of chromatin structure and transcription complex assembly upon gene induction

10:30-10:50 Break

10:50-11:40 Debora Marks(Harvard University)

Gene Regulation by MicroRNAs

11:40-12:30 Runsheng Chen(Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Science)

Protein-protein Interaction Network

Chair: Chris Sander

14:30-15:40 Erin O’Shea(Howard Hughes Medical Institute, UC-San Francisco)

Systems Analysis of Signaling in Budding Yeast


Intra and inter-pathway correlations from microarray gene expression data

16:50-17:40 analysisYuhai Tu(IBM)

Towards quantitative understanding of bacterial chemotaxis

Wednesday, June 23

Chair: Erin O’Shea 

08:30-09:40 Liping Zhao(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


Ecological Genomics for Structural Dissection of Complex Microbial Communities

09:40-10:30 Hongkui Deng(College of Life Science, PKU)

To be confirme

10:30-10:50 Break

10:50-11:40 Chao Tang(NEC Laboratories America)

The cell cycle of the budding yeast

11:40-12:30 Qi Ouyang(Center for Theoretical Biology, Peking University)

Stability Analysis of Cell Cycle Network

Chair: Yunyu Shi

14:30-15:40 Chris Sander(Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center )


15:40-16:00 Break

16:00-16:30 Zuhong Lu(Southeast University)

Some Considerations of Biomolecular Networks: Features and Methods 

16:30-17:10 Yaoqi Zhou(University at Buffalo, State University of New York)

Structure-based mapping of protein-protein interaction network

17:10-17:40 Luhua Lai(Center for Theoretical Biology, Peking University)

The metabolic network of arachidonic acid and drug design against inflammation

Friday, June 25

Chair: Leihan Tang

08:30-09:40 Brian Yeh (University of California, San Francisco)

Construction of Synthetic Signaling Circuits Using Modular Recombination

09:40-10:30 David Arnosti(Michigan State University)

Information display by transcriptional enhancers: intelligent enhanceosomes or flexible billboards?

10:30-10:50 Break

10:50-11:40 Fengzhu Sun(University of Southern California)

Integrative approaches for protein function prediction

11:40-12:30 Ping Ao(University of Washington)

Phage as the "hydrogen atom" in modern molecular biology: what we have learnt and what we can learn

Chair: Luhua Lai

14:00-14:50 Shoudan Liang(NASA Advanced Supercomputing)

Simple Math Is Enough: Two Examples of Inferring Functional Associations from Genomic Data

14:50-15:40 Jin Wang(Citigroup, US)

Stochastic dynamics of genes