2012.10.23 Prof. Marc Turcotte

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2012.10.23 Prof. Marc Turcotte


10月23日: Nonlinear Dynamics and Stochasticity of Core Genetic Regulation of Competence in Wild-type Bacillus subtilis and in Evolutionary Plausible Mutants. 

Prof. Marc Turcotte

        (Department of Mathematics, The University of Texas at Arlington)


Time:1:00pm, Oct. 23, 2012


Address:Rm. 102, Old Chemistry Building, east Wing, 1rd floor, CQB



In the first part of the talk, I will be explaining how the subtle interplay of non-linear dynamics and stochasticicity pervades the phenotype of competence in wild-type bacterium Bacillus subtilis. In the second part of the talk, I will be focusing on the behavior of evolutionary plausible mutant(s) we recently studied. I will show how nonlinear dynamics and stochasticity collaborate closely to implement phenotype, and how the topology of the core regulatory circuit correlates well to experimentally measurable observables. 

This talk should be of interest to applied mathematicians, physicists, or bioengineers interested in biology, particularly in the topic of core genetic regulation. It should also be of equal interest to quantitative biologists interested in mathematical modeling and predictions.