2012.9.10 Network Science: From the Web to the Cell

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2012.9.10 Network Science: From the Web to the Cell


Speaker:Prof. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

       (Northeastern University/Harvard Medical School)


Time:2:00pm, Sept. 10, 2012


Address:No. 101 Lecture Hall, Jinguang Life Sciences Building, School of
    Life Sciences, PKU



Highly interconnected networks with amazingly complex structure de-
scribe systems as diverse as the World Wide Web, our cells, social
systems or the economy. In the past decade we learned that most of
these networks are the result of self-organizing processes governed by
simple but generic laws, resulting in architectural features that makes
them much more similar to each other than one would have expected
by chance. I will discuss the recurring patterns of our interconnected
world and its implications to network robustness, spreading pro-
cesses and control, with applications spanning biology, medicine and
social sciences. 

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