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2012.5.8 Mapping Functional Connectivity between Neuronal Ensembles in Larval Zebrafish Transgenic for a Ratiometric Calcium Indicator

2011.12.6 Evolutionary design of robust functional networks

2011.8.3 Roles of slow protein conformational changes in cellular dynamics

2011.7.8 Transcriptional Unit Identification by RNAseq and Tilingarray in Prokaryotes

2011.11.3 Physics of Bacterial Swimming at the Fluid Boundary

2011.10.31 Drug translocation and allosteric coupling in a multidrug transporter studied by molecular simulations 

2011.7.7 Co-evolution of epigenome, genome and transcriptome

2011.6.14 Deadly competition between bacterial colonies

2011.6.6 Dynamics of bacterial propulsion: Behavior of the flagellar rotary

2011.5.17 Investigating the functional conformational change and ligand binding process using millisecond molecular dynamics simulations

High-resolution brain structure and gene expression profiles

2011.4.12 Personal genome interpretation challenges and potential, and an initial report from the Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation

2011.4.11 Genome-wide analysis of splicing regulation in Drosophila melanogaster by RNAi depletion of 58 RNA binding proteins, a 30-stage developmental timecourse, and computational studies

2011.4.6 Gene regulation by alternative splicing & RNA surveillance is widespread and is associated with the ultraconserved and ancient alternative splicing events

2011.3.29 PEP-FOLD: de novo prediction of peptide and miniprotein structure